A Never-Ending Path: Interview with Hangatyr

In terms of invoking a true sense of pride and honour through intense Black Metal, I can think of few bands who do it as successfully as Germany’s Hangatyr. Made up of highly competent, creative musicians, this legendary band from Thuringia have been around for more than fifteen years now. During the last two decades„A Never-Ending Path: Interview with Hangatyr“ weiterlesen

Album review Order The Gospel

Order’s The Gospel is a blast from Hell, not a lame warning to escape damnation by worshiping some long absent Messiah. From album artwork that conveys the essence of an ancient, malign demon, to tracks that crackle with the blackest of flames, this is a truly inspired work of Metal art. Now made up of„Album review Order The Gospel“ weiterlesen

The Gospel of Life and Death: An Interview with Kjetil Manheim, Order

At the border of chaos and disorderWe standBreaking through barriersCrushing your delusional religious idyll We can debate the true origins of Black Metal for the rest of our lives. For me, I never doubt that it started in Norway in the 1980s, because it was there that Mayhem first established the groundbreaking infernal blueprint. Sure,„The Gospel of Life and Death: An Interview with Kjetil Manheim, Order“ weiterlesen

Dark Space: An Interview with Heteriik

Many of us are very familiar with Les Légions Noires, the dark association of French Black Metal musicians who in so many ways set the standard for the genre in France and way beyond, and we still hold it in high esteem to this day. For me, French Black Metal continues in this vein, and„Dark Space: An Interview with Heteriik“ weiterlesen

The Black Heart of Italy: An Interview with Stormcrow

Black Metal’s relentless conflict with organised religion takes on a wholly new meaning in Italy, the home of Roman Catholicism. The country’s oppressive, censorious and horribly bigoted religious monolith, the Catholic Church, is well known for tolerating no opposition, no criticism, no alternative ideas. So in Italy, Black Metal if not Metal in general is„The Black Heart of Italy: An Interview with Stormcrow“ weiterlesen

Of Heathen Heart. An Interview with Djevel

Norway is a country of dramatic natural beauty. Its stunning coastline, scattered with fjords and thousands of islands, and its awe-inspiring mountains and forests make it an amazing place in which to lose oneself. Known as the land of the midnight sun and of the northern lights, this is a country big on atmosphere, with„Of Heathen Heart. An Interview with Djevel“ weiterlesen

From the Dark Past: An Interview with Archgoat

Black Metal is rooted in legendary bands like Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Beherit, Mayhem and Darkthrone. But few have lasted and fewer still have released consistently strong recordings that matched their initial fire and promise. Finland’s Archgoat are a band that in no uncertain terms helped lay the foundation stones for what we recognise and love„From the Dark Past: An Interview with Archgoat“ weiterlesen

Devil ’s Disciple. An Interview with Zwetwezen

Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven (John Milton) There are a million explanations for what Hell is, ranging from those of Dante to Shakespeare to Nietzsche to Aldous Huxley and naturally the established religions. Of course, the idea of Hell, real or imagined, also crops up often in Metal, but few artists„Devil ’s Disciple. An Interview with Zwetwezen“ weiterlesen

Interview with Tyrant of Malum

Finnish Black Metal needs no introduction. Ever since Beherit helped pave the way for the explosion of the genre throughout the 1990s and beyond, Finland has produced some of the finest exponents of black art. Bands such as Horna, Sargeist, Musta Surma, Behexen and Forgjord established a high benchmark for quality, releasing consistently excellent recordings„Interview with Tyrant of Malum“ weiterlesen

Interview with Lord Mortvm

Ever since Black Sabbath created the Doom template in 1970 the genre has gradually developed into what is now a worldwide phenomenon. Subsequent Doom artists like Pentagram, St Vitus, Cathedral and Electric Wizard proved themselves to be great innovators and took riff worship and the art of creating dark, ominous atmospheres to new heights with„Interview with Lord Mortvm“ weiterlesen