Interview with the Polish BM Horde „Infernal Legion“

Infernal Legion is a very new Band in Poland. Their influences goes back to Bands like Gorgoroth, Veles or Graveland. The Band speaks in this Interview about Satan and BM Hippies in Poland.

Mjöllnir: Hailz! First of all thanx to have the pleasure to do an Interview with the Seelenfeuer Webzine! Infernal Legion is a very „Young“ Band! Can you explane the Reasons to Start Infernal Legion! Where are your the influencies?

Hail Azazel!!! Infernal Legion was born in 2021, we released a demo tape „Blessed By Satan“ released by Swedish Kandelaber Records. In January this year we spat out our debut bastard „Beast Reborn“. Over 20 minutes of sounds from the abyss of hell, raw rough and old school Black Metal.

In Poland, this material has been published by our own circulation and it is almost sold out. In the USA and Colombia, Destroyer Production took care of the license and in Mexico Jewel released Quetzatcoatl Records.

in August this year, Terror Black Cult released our new EP „Death Damnation“ on a limited cassette. It was completely sold out and in the meantime my unholy brother Abalam on bass joined our Legion. We also said goodbye to our vocalist Revocator, he left our ranks. We are currently working hard on the songs for the second album. Beware Legions!

Mjöllnir: The first Album „Beast Reborn“ is Published since January! How are the reactions of the BM Scene?

It‘s been a while for a while now for the release of „Beast Reborn“. I still think we made some really good stuff and I’m proud of it. I haven’t heard any negative opinions about this material yet. We hit the tastes of maniacs at the age of 30/40 and that’s what we meant. This is really old school Black Metal. We adore the scene from the 80/90 and you can hear it.

Mjöllnir: „Beast Reborn“ is very raw, brutal and aggressiv! Is this the Kind of BM which is the Trademark of Infernal Legion or will be some differences in your musical Style?

Yes, I will agree with you, it’s very raw material, aggressive, but there are also slower moments. I never wanted to play extreme fast. I prefer medium fast and moderate paces I’m totally possessed by old Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Enthroned, old Samael, , Archgoat ….. and I’m drowning others. 30 years I’ve been breathing this music, it will never change.

I am very pleased with our debut, although what we are creating now is a step forward. I work with really fancy people, especially my unholy blood brother Abalam brought a lot of freshness and ideas to the new songs. This is something wonderful!

Mjöllnir: How are the reactions of Labels of your Album? The Publish is only releases in a Limited Edition? Is it difficult to get a labelcontract as an unknown Band like Infernal Legion?

Hahaha …. labels? In Poland, publishers prefer to publish pseudo hippie post black metal shit, telling young people that it is old school. We do not cooperate with any Polish label. and it is unlikely to change. In my country, only Putrid Cult, Mara Production, Fallen Temple, Wolfspell Records and a handful of others deserve attention. A mass of completely unnecessary pseudo-bm bands, a mass of unnecessary labels …. flooding the scene with shit ….. there is also a handful of really valuable bands, but mostly old brigades ….

Mjöllnir: Let us speak about the Songwritingprocess! Is there someone who writes All Thinge in Infernal Legion or arise the Songs in a collective?

Writing „Beast Reborn“ fell on the shoulders of Berith and Revocator. I gave them tips on how each song should look like. Together we decided what riff is suitable for which number. It was similar with composing „Death Damnation“. Currently, most of the material comes from Abalam’s hand, he is also a great guitarist and we understand exactly what we want to achieve. . Berith of course also brings riffs that we work on together. I’m a bit of a tyrant haha I have a decisive influence on everything how it will look like …. but I really appreciate cooperation with my comrades. Glory to them!

Mjöllnir: What are the Plans of Infernal Legion for nearer Future? Exist there new Songs?

Currently we are struggling with the lack of a vocalist, because as I mentioned we have finished our cooperation with Revocator. The case is open and the search is ongoing. This does not mean, of course, that we rest on our laurels. We have four new hymns ready to praise our Lord Satan, it is really a step forward, all of course in the devilish Black Metal Oldschool vibe. We’re still working, and she can’t complain about nude. we plan to record a second album next year. time will tell.

Mjöllnir: After Corona Pandemic is time to get back on Stage! Exist there some Bookings for Infernal Legion?

Infernal legion has not played any concerts yet. Due to the lack of a vocalist, we have lost a few with the Ukrainian Khors, among others. The time will come for the live performances. It will be a true ritual for the glory of Satan. For sure I will not push my mouth like most of these hippy post bm bands, just to play with just anyone and get drunk with alcohol. Pathetic. We will only play with those who suit us. You won’t see any new posers band with us. Unfulfilled child rappers and fagots who discovered Aryan blood in themselves, and the first to go down the chimney. Garbage.

Mjöllnir: Let is speak about the Corona Pandemic in Poland! What does Corona mean for Infernal Legion?

This pandemic was one big nonsense being pumped all the time by the Media a lot of nerves, senseless prohibitions ….. a lot of canceled tours, concerts … it was a very hard time. It stuffed the pockets of politicians and pharmaceutical companies with money. I didn’t take any fucking vaccine. I am alive, fucking them. Let’s hope we have this crap behind us.

Mjöllnir: What do you think about the BM Scene in your Country if you compare it with the Scene in Germany? Where are the reasons for so a big BM Scene in Poland?

Polish scene ….. heh, loads of shit, hippies who think they play Black Metal. They defile such a beautiful art with their scraps. Rappers who suddenly got a revelation and are suddenly real BM warriors .. hahaha …. what the fuck is it and who let these children from a good home let them on the stage …. hands drop ….. or a fagot who discovers Aryan blood within himself hahaha Aryan Gay! Do you understand any of this ?? !! I think AH would definitely be proud to haha against the wall and shoot it …. I respect mostly old crews like Besatt, Saltus, Infernal War, Deus Mortem, Graveland, Veles, Thors Hammer,Holy Death, Cultes Des Ghoules , Arkona…… some new crews also got good matexes like Hellfuck, Hegony, Illness ,Baalzaagoth.. .I do not follow this scene so far. Usually when I get a new band after 2 songs I turn off because I can’t listen to it.

Forgive my friend, I don’t follow your scene. I know you have a lot of bands there, just like the great ones and a lot of shit. I remember Ungod and their „Circle Of Infernal Path“ is great ….. I love the now defunct Zarathustra and their mighty „Perpetual Black Force“! I was a bit disappointed with the new Pestlegion, the debut is absolutely great but the two are already weaker. Strong medium where only two songs are remembered. Onielar and DNS I don’t think I need to mention. She’s wonderful. I also remember the German Nebiros tape with a Pole in the line-up from the old days. I must have missed something and I forgot. Forgive me.

Mjöllnir: At the End of the Interview the Last words are yours!

Thanx for your Time and Support, Comerade. trample on the rubbish that floods the BM scene. Listen only to real Oldschool Metal hordes.

Wait for our second LP !

Hail Azazel,Hail Paimon,Hail Satan !!!


Rezension: Infernal Legion – Beast Reborn (Eigenproduktion 2022)

Infernal Legion – Death Damnation (Terror Black Cult 2022)

Interview was done By Infernal Legion and s/ Seelenfeuer in October 2022



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